Sunday, July 10, 2011

Quick and Easy Breakfast & Lunch Ideas

I had a friend ask recently about quick breakfast and lunch ideas that are gluten-free.  So I have thought of a few options and wanted to share with you to help get the juices flowing.


In our home we usually do cereal one day, and then eggs the next.  Maybe once a week we do a "special" breakfast meal, this would be crepes, pancakes, omelets.  (Things that take more time)  Here are a few ideas for quick breakfasts.

*Gluten Free Cereal: Like Rice Chex, GF Crispi Rice, Toasted O's with bananas, blue berries or raspberries on top.
*Lara bars (nut & fruit bars that are gluten free & most are dairy free too)
*Sliced apples with peanut butter
*Bananas with peanut butter
*Gluten free oatmeal with strawberries & cream 
*Plain Whole milk yogurt sweetened with jam, honey, agave, raw sugar layered with fruit
*GF Granola with milk (This is also fabulous served over yogurt)
*GF Scones with Jam
*GF Toast & Fruit
*GF Muffins, I have some recipes on here, or I know Udi's GF are good


When you prep as much as you can the night before it saves you lots of time in the morning.

*Salad with Grilled Chicken or Salmon (Caesar,Berry, Greek, Cobb)
*Quesadillas made with corn tortillas (Black beans, mushrooms, cheese, chicken, spinach - whatever you like)
*Chicken and brown rice pasta with veggies
*Cheese & (GF) crackers, carrots & hummus
*Boiled Eggs, avacado with lemon juice & salt, fruit
*Rice (or Quinoa) salad with chicken, cucumbers, tomatoes, garlic & onion
*Chicken Salad with mayo, grapes, apples & almonds on romaine lettuce leaves
*Rice cakes with peanut butter & raisins, cucumber spears
*BLTs on GF bread with chips & pickle
*GF Sandwiches, on bread or bagels, Fruit & Celery


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