Hello there!  I am so glad you stopped by my personal blog today!  My name is Amber and I am the author of Season The Day and have recently co-founded Grace Everyday- a women's daily encouragement & devotional site.   I am a Christian, which means I am a follower of Jesus.  I am a stay at home mommy blogger.  I am wife to an amazing, hard working man, Andrew, mom to Drew: my silly, boy full of joy, and Emma: my compassionate, feisty, sweet girl.  I enjoy walking with God, a good book, singing praise songs, drinking coffee, taking pictures, entertaining, bible studies, crafting, playing with my kiddos, cooking, spending time with my hubby and writing about my adventures in all these things.

 I started Season The Day in hopes of inspiring others to seize the moment and make the most of life each day.  Being a wife and mom doesn't really come with a handbook, so as I live and learn, I blog about it.  I'm not really a writer, so you probably won't find too many eloquent or fancy words, so if you do spy a creative phrase you can bet I was using thesaurus.com.  

At Season The Day I hope to encourage families to live an abundant life.  As I venture through this life as a wife, mother, daughter and friend, I aspire to embolden others to step out of their comfort zone in their faith, to try new things, to get creative in the way we spend our time, and to be content in whatever season of life God has us.  I love the adventure that comes from being a follower of Jesus.  I hope you will join me in "spicing up" the choices we make for our families by adding a little "seasoning".  Let's keep things interesting, after all Jesus does say "You are the salt of the earth..." Matthew 5:13 

At Season The Day I write about my Faith-this crazy awesome journey I am on walking with the God of the universe, HE ROCKS and I love sharing what He is doing and teaching me.  I enjoy sharing stories of special moments with my Family and keeping a kind of online journal of what we are up to.  As I grow in my culinary skills I delight (thesaurus use here) in trying new recipes and the good ones make my Food page.  I actually started the blog because I thought I was gluten-intolerant, turns out I am not, so there are a lot of GF recipes in my earlier posts.  I want to remember the Fun things we do, silly moments with the kids, and amusing activities that we enjoy as a family. The Fabulous Reads page is all my book recommendations. A recent addition to my blog is my Favorite link-ups, these are blogs I follow or regularly link up with.  

I am always interested in having guest authors, so if God has put something on your heart to share that is in line with the tone of my blog, I would love to review your submission.

Or if you just want to reach me with questions or praise reports, you can contact me:

Seasontheday at gmail dot com  
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