Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Nice Surprise

Beth & I 

I wanted to share a neat story that happened this week....

It was last week when I saw an advertisement on Facebook for a short parenting conference coming up at a local church.  I was instantly intrigued, I headed over to the website to get more info.  It looked great, but then I saw it wasn't free, bummer!  I'm all about the free, but in addition to that, I knew it would be tricky to find & pay for a sitter, and on top of that use a "date night" to go to a parenting seminar.  That was not gonna fly.  Ha ha!  I casually read about it to my husband, but we both decided, maybe not this time.

So I kinda forgot about it.  This past Monday my dear friend, Beth texted me and said "Any chance you want to go to a Kevin Lehman parenting seminar with me tonight at 7?  I have a free ticket if you want to come!"  Get. Out. Of. Here.  It was the very conference I wanted to go to!! My husband of course said "Go, enjoy yourself!"  And so I got to go, catch up with my friend and learn some great tips & fresh ideas.

I asked her that night why she asked me, and she said "Well, I just prayed and asked God who I should ask & He immediately brought AMBER to my mind."  God is so good.  Only he knew I wanted to go, and only He spoke that to Beth.  I just love Him.  I'm so thankful for his grace, that I don't deserve & yet he pours it out any way.  I even love how Beth was so sensitive to His voice & followed through with asking me.  I want to be more in tune with those soft whispers.  I want to ask Him more "What should I do? Who should I ask? Where should I go?"  I hope to include God more in the everyday, to just walk with Him through everything.

I know it was something little, but it was very special to me.  So, thank you Bethy for inviting me & for a great night!!

Just after the session there was no line (until we lined up then it was out the door!) to meet the speaker, so we got a chance to snag this shot, thank him for sharing and ask a few questions, very nice night!

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