Friday, November 1, 2013

Thankful Wreath for Kids

I love the month of November.  People tend to be more positive, as they focus on things they are thankful for.  It always encourages my heart to see all the posts on Facebook of people sharing what friends appreciate most. When you are continually counting your blessings it is hard to be grumpy.

Last year was the first year I started getting the kids involved in this month long challenge of being thankful, we made a Thankful Tree.  Super easy & most families have all the supplies on hand.  The kids absolutely loved writing down new things they were thankful for each day.

So this year as I was perusing through Pinterest I came across this Thankful Wreath.  I took a look at the project, determined I did not have all the supplies, almost gave up & then thought, "No way, I'm gonna make this work, with what I have, for free."  So here is what I came up with, and we are on our way, filling up our wreath with leaves of thanks!

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