Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My top moments from 2012

What a year, what an amazing, action packed fun filled year!!  So many things happened, but here are a few of my favorites:

God has showed me so much about himself this year.  He is like no other, choosing to press into Him and draw closer has proved to be indescribably amazing.  This year I learned about the unending Love of Christ, the amazing, life altering grace of God, the empowering & teaching of the Holy Spirit, the righteousness of God.

Early in the year I was so excited to join the team of Oakland County Press bloggers.

The 2 men in my life getting their motorcycles.  Andrew has always wanted to ride, but I had been fearful, God gave me a peace about him riding, and within a few months Andrew got a motorcycle for free!  And Drew of course loves to ride too, so he saved up his money and bought his own ride.

We discovered our favorite show: Duck Dynasty.  We have laughed so hard!! And the best is when the entire family sat around on thanksgiving watching episode after episode, and the cousins learning a new phrase "He Gone!"

Seeing Drew ride his bike all by himself, no training wheels.

Our trip to Charleston, SC.  What a beautiful city!  Andrew and I spent a few days away, celebrating our 7th anniversary.  2 really cool moments from that trip: the dolphin swimming up while we ate dinner (the waitress had never seen that before) and Andrew getting to golf with the Long Drive champion of the world, Sean Fister!!

Seeing Emma's personality and interests come out.  She is a great story teller.  I didn't know she could really speak in correct sentences until around a family bonfire one night, we decided to tell stories, to which she said " Once upon a time there was a little bird." She was just 2 years old!!! She also loves baby dolls and singing.

Raising our "surprise caterpillars" was such a fun and memorable thing we did with the kids.  We even got to see "Emma butterfly" fly away.  So neat!

Selling our house, after 7 years of trying to sell it, we finally quit trying, we got completely content and planned to live there indefinitely.  Then God informed us "It is time." It sold in 2 days!  Praise Him!!

Our Summer vacation was unforgettable!  Such fun family memories, especially when I tried to jump rope, not so nimble and quick anymore!!  It's a lot harder than I remember!! Our day on Mackinac was picturesque and Drew did the entire 8 mile Island trek on his own bike, such a trooper!

Seeing Drew and Emma developer a love for gardening, planting and harvesting.  Every year it is one of the highlights of the summer, working in he garden everyday and eating of it's produce.

Drew started preschool after much prayer!  He has the cutest little class, and I love when he comes home singing new songs and telling me bible stories, sooooo precious!  He sang in a concert at Christmas, cutest thing ever!!  I will never forget how he couldn't focus enough to sing the verse of the song when a little boy had fire and was lighting a candle.

We had a mini marriage retreat with a few friends.  I love the bonding moment of shooting rifles together and playing the "Made up game", and Hillary's clue of "Ma ma ma ma ma ma". (Ask me about that one!)

God opened the door for my friend Sara and I to speak at our Moms Group at church this year.  I have always wanted to speak to women about the things of God, but have lacked the skill.  When We started speaking God took over, it was amazing to be a part of His work.  We reminded the women that we are forgiven and free and declared righteous by our belief in Jesus.

Hearing my good friend Melanie declare "Jesus is my Savior!!!!" And seeing her grow in faith!!

Having a wonderful Christmas!!  It began with our annual family Christmas party in Frankenmuth, having a magical and delicious Christmas evening with my husbands parents before heading to North Carolina, where we spent the rest of the holidays!  We had fun family gatherings with lots of singing, white elephant, Euchre, Encore, games and laughter.  What a way to end a spectacular year.  Praise God for an amazing 2012!!  Can't wait to see what he has in store for this year!!

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