Saturday, August 11, 2012

We are Officially Homeless!

At this time I would like to let out a huge sigh of relief "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"  So now that we have signed the closing papers, it is official, and I feel like I can write the story of how we sold our house.  Now for those of you who don't know my husband purchased this house as a flip home before we met.  He never intended to stay, but God had us there for a reason, and what he hoped to be a quick flip, turned into a nine year home for us.  The house was in a great location, we had wonderful neighbors, who have made different appearances on the blog, and it was a beautiful home!  

We had tried to sell our house off and on for 7 1/2 years with no results.  This year I started to realize, we may never sell, and God began working contentment into my heart.  I came to terms that we may never build and was ok with that.  My husband is a builder, and has always dreamed of building a place for us.  I found that I was fine with never moving, and then of course, as you know God was like, "Oh you're content now?  About time, let's go!" Ha ha.  

So this is how it went down.  Back in the spring we both started wondering if it was time to list again.  I was hesitant for many reasons, 1- I was finally settled and content, 2-I have made close friends with great people in the neighborhood (Drew and Emma adored our neighbor Sunny and her sweet doggies, and check out Bread for Bonnie for an awesome God-story) 3-honestly I did not look forward to keeping my house spotless at all times (not exactly my strength) and 4-having to leave at a moments notice.  We prayed and ask God to confirm to us whether he was leading us to sell or not.  Right after we prayed we had someone who was interested in our home "randomly" and we had several people tell us it was "time" to list, without knowing we were praying about it.  We felt God was saying "Go".  

Our house went on the market on Saturday and on Sunday we had 2 families coming to look.  We were of course ecstatic, especially since the last time we had it listed for 6 months and not one person came through. It was exciting to get any action!  After the families went through we had an offer on Monday, which we accepted.  It stayed listed for one week, and we had 10 showings and 2 offers!  Unbelievable!!  I was so thankful to the Lord that I only had to keep my house spotless for one week, what a blessing, he cares about the little things too.

All we had to do was wait on the appraisal.  We prayed and believe that if God was leading us to sell, he would make a way.  We got a GREAT appraisal, the highest of any home in our neighborhood, still a little under what we asked, but enough for us to get out even which is what we hoped for.  I have to admit I was a little bummed that I put all that work into my garden and wasn't going to see the fruition of my labor but was glad for the new tenants to get all that produce!  However, God knew that too and the closing date kept getting pushed back.  I wondered why at first, then I saw that He was making a way for me to get a few of my harvests!  He really does think of everything!

We are so thankful for the smooth transition and how God worked out all the details.  He is so good.  We are praying about what to do right now, considering building, but we are truly seeking his counsel. We are living with my in-laws so thankful they are letting us use their basement apartment. Drew wakes up every morning and says "Can I go see Grandma now?"  

Our brother in law sent us an email "Congratulations on being Homeless!" that is what we are, and that is ok with us!!

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