Friday, August 31, 2012

Summer Vacation 2012

Well we just got home from our last vacation of the summer, and actually only vaca of the summer :-) I am happy to report it was a blast!!  It was gorgeous every day, we fished, caught crawdads, taught Drew to jump rope and Emma how to stand on it-lol, played wiffle ball, went on walks, spent time with Great Grandma and Grandpa Jewell, lots of boat rides, did a silly skit for daddy, bonfire, smores, frisbee, make believe stories, hot cocoa, swimming, tubing, golfing, go-cart riding, rock throwing, naps, Mackinac Island, bike rides, pier walking, coffee, fish spotting, laughed and laughed.  Here are some of the week's favorite memories.

Drew's longest (and mine too) bike ride by himself, the entire 8.2 miles around Mackinac Island, TROOPER!!!!

The VERY MUCH anticipated Bonfire and smores!!!!

Enjoyed waking up every morning with this view during my quiet time.

Emma's hair cracked me up every time I looked at it that day.

Laughing with Great Grandpa Jewell on the porch.

Had to get the "Murray" boys picture in front of our favorite fudge shop.

Here is the original "Murray" boys picture, 4 years ago, look at that little peanut!!

All along our bike ride on Mackinac we spotted tons of stone creations done by fellow travelors.  Drew took this opportunity to knock a few down.  LOL!  

Wanted to give sis a try of his ice cream :)

Lots of time spent catching creatures off the dock.

Daddy's girl :)

Very serious, this catching fish business!

Our catch!

They are a silly team.

Matching hair!!

Happiest when driving the boat with daddy!

His favorite spot during boat rides, watching the motor.

Climbed right on Great Grandmas lap and laughed together.

Building sandcastles with Daddy.

FUN TIMES!!!!!!!!!!!!! Memories that will last forever :)


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