Thursday, August 29, 2013

Trying to be a Yes Mom

A friend recently told me about another mother who wants to be a "yes mom".  What she shared with me was the fact that a lot of moms parent out of inconvenience, that we say No to our kids often, not because its a big deal, but because we don't feel like it.  Ain't gonna lie: GUILTY!!

But, I heard that and thought, I want to be a "Yes mom" too, and save the no's for bigger deals.  I noticed it first at the park. "Mama can you push me on the swing?"  I was sitting with the other moms and talking, a RARE occasion, adult interaction!!! 

My first response was "No, just go down the slide."  My daughter looked disappointed and headed toward the slide. It was then I remembered "Be a Yes Mom!"  I shouted back, "Ya know what, Yes Emma!  Let's do it!"  I didn't really want to do it, I wanted to sit and chat but by the time I got over there I didn't even care!!  It's funny how you want to do your own plans, and the decision to die to self is not our first instinct, but once you make that first step to serve someone else, and forgo your plans how the joy flows.  

She was on the swing for 5 minutes and then she was done, back to the mom club I went and she played happily the rest of our time there.  5 minutes of attention is all it took to fill her little bucket.

So this week my work & plans have been put on hold many times to ride bikes, have picnics, playing Hi Ho Cherry-O and golf.  It's taken A LOT longer to clean the house, but hey I would rather be remembered as the "Mom who played with us." Than the mom whose house was spotless but always said No!  I am choosing to be a "Yes Mom".

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  1. sometimes its so easy to say no - but like you, I want to be someone that says yes to my kids! Thanks for the reminder that this really is so important!

  2. really needed this today!! thank you!

  3. I needed this, thank you! Now, I am off to play a penguin version of Trouble!


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