Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Trail to Trim

Well I'm doing it, a weight loss challenge.  After I stopped nursing Emma I was my ideal size and I went out, purchased clothes to fit me and now.....most don't fit.  I have realized I am almost 30 and it has happened: my metabolism has slowed down.  Bummer!

I felt like I ate relatively healthy, but as I am really starting to watch what I eat, I have noticed a major part of my diet was processed carbs, sweets and snacks. I did join a gym 2 months ago, after one month I had gained weight (and it was not muscle let me tell you!) and I figured I better get serious if I wanted to see results.   About 2 weeks ago I decided enough was enough, I couldn't just look step on the scale and hope that by chance I would get on there and I would "magically" be lighter.  I had to be intentional about taking care of my body.  This is very NEW territory for me, so I wanted to share what I am doing in case you are wanting to get some ideas for trimming down or just getting fit.

1)So I jump started my "healthier eating" journey with a 3 day cleanse of only eating per day: 2 eggs, green veggies, one orange and lean beef.  You can eat as many greens and beef as you want, you really lose a good chunk of  weight so it's encouraging.  I believe it also trains your stomach to not eat as much.  It's a rough 3 days as far as hunger pangs go, but by day 4 you aren't craving snacks as much.

2) I announced on Facebook I wanted accountability and to get serious about getting trim, about 20 other women expressed the same desire and joined the journey with me.  We are now all participating in the challenge.  We have our own private FB group page.  I think this is key to my success, knowing I could possibly win a prize and that friends are praying or me, there to encourage me when I am thinking about quitting, and knowing I am not alone.

3) I calculated how many calories I would need to eat daily to reach my goal in 2 months.  This is a GREAT SITE that helped me figure out a realistic goal and calorie plan.

4) I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app.  Such a great tool.  You enter the food & water you consume and exercise you complete each day, it keeps track of your calories, AMAZING!!

5) I drink at least 64 ounces of water a day, this helps you feel more full and clears out unwanted toxins.

6) My goal is to exercise 3 times a week.  If you know me, then you know this is a challenge.  I do not like to work out, I would rather put my feet up and read a magazine.  So I am working out with friends to keep me motivated and trying to do more walking and biking with my kids.

7) I eat simple and healthy, from scratch when I can, cut snacks way down and I am seeing results.  Later this week I plan to share what a typical day of eating looks like for me and give a few ideas and tips for healthy, simple eating.

8) I am staying focused on the fact that I am forgiven by God because I believe in Jesus.  Condemnation and judgement are HUGE reasons people can't lose weight.  The minute I get discouraged or am feeling distant from God, because I think He is mad at me, I start putting on weight.  If your are struggling to lose, examine yourself to see if you believe that there is nothing that can separate you from God's love.  You need to know as a believer there is no condemnation.  You have been placed under the waterfall of continual cleansing by Jesus' blood, sins erased.

Benefits so far: I have lost 5 lbs, my face is clearing up, I have more energy, and our whole family is eating better.  My grocery cart looked a lot different this week, 80% of the content was produce.  So it's a change, but it is doable, and I have 20 other ladies I am teaming up with for getting in shape and healthier living, spiritually & physically.

So, what do you find to be the hardest obstacle with getting in shape?  Have any helpful tips for staying fit?