Sunday, March 24, 2013

Walk with God

I have a post up on Grace Everyday today, hope you can stop by and check it out!

Tonight I went grocery shopping, and I had no time to make a list.  On the way to the store I quickly racked my brain about what meals I could make and tried to think of the items I would need for the week.  As I slowly walked through the store I piled up my cart high with every ingredient I could think of and was just about to head to the check out when I asked God "Lord, Is there anything else I am missing?  If so, could you please remind me."  Just a simple prayer, more like a conversation with the creator of the world, over groceries.  As I turned down a random aisle on the way to the check out there was the one item I had forgotten,  honey.  Thank you Jesus for reminding me, He is so awesome, real, and personal!!

Even though God is all powerful and mighty, He still cares about the little things.  He still desires relationship..... to read the rest of the post click HERE: Grocery Shopping with God