Monday, February 18, 2013

God is COOL!!

Just wanted to share a short little story that happened between God and I today :)   Love those little surprises from Him!!

Well, my husband's birthday is today, and I am about to disclose one of his birthday presents....So Andrew if you are reading this, now would be the time to stop.

I went birthday shopping with the kids today to Bass Pro men's store EVER and it really is a fun place for the kids to walk around, "drive" boats & four wheelers, watch the fish in the huge tank, find the live ducks & play in the toy section.  I went there for a certain vest Andrew had tried on recently, and liked, which I found and was about to leave the store, but I had one more thought: "I wonder if they have any Duck Commander" duck calls.  We saw them there once before Christmas and ever since they have been sold out.  We just checked this weekend, NONE to be found.  (WE LOVE DUCK DYNASTY OVER HERE.)

So we cruised over to the duck call section and I silently prayed to God,....... "Father it really would be cool if you could have one of those duck calls here for me.  Andrew would love it.  I know they aren't carrying them and are sold out...but you could work it out, you are God".....  I went down the aisle with a glimmer of hope, looking on the back of the shelves for a duck call with a Duck Commander logo....none to be found.  I thought "Oh well, it was worth a try, you never know with God."  As I headed to the check out, right before the register there was a center display of shoes and misplaced on the top of the display was ONE DUCK COMMANDER DUCK CALL, randomly sitting out in the middle of all this other stuff, RIGHT where I would see it.  I picked it up and was so excited!  I just had to say " are COOL!!!!" Seriously there were no other Duck Commander duck calls in the store, no display for DUCK COMMANDER, nothing!!!!  Only God!!! Andrew is going to be so excited, and it even makes it better that I have this cool God-story to go with it.  I love that we have such a personal God who hears those little whispers and desires in our heart and is gracious enough to bless us here and there.  He is so good!!!!

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