Saturday, February 16, 2013

February's Excitement

As crazy as January was, February is turning out to be AMAZING!  I wanted to update you guys on a few things...

First- Emma is potty trained!  Yeah, all that not having a car business made me stay home for a week, and we worked hard and she had lots of "specials" as we like to call treats, but we made it!  So that is big news for us, no more spending lots of money on diapers...for now... :)

Second- The car wreck....Our van ended up being totaled :(  But, that wasn't such a bad thing, our insurance FULLY covered it, we didn't even have to pay the deductible...they cut us a check for full market value for the van...and it was WAY MORE than we could sell it for.  Only God!

Third-Many of you saw my announcement this week, I am so pumped to be contributing at the new spiritual encouragement website Grace Everyday...we are excited to just love on people and share the good news of God's wonderful grace.  I have found the more I get to know Him, and how good He is, the more freedom I experience and my desire is to share that with others.

Fourth- I had a chance to speak at the women's group at my church.  I was completely in shock when I was asked, prayed about it and felt a total peace from God to share with the women what He had been teaching me.  I prayed and prayed that whoever God wanted to hear this message would be there.  This was my first time speaking alone, I was hoping (for my own sake) there would only be 30 people there, just a small cozy group.  But as the night started, the women were pouring in the doors, we had to add 3 extra tables, and it ended up being 95 women! God wanted the good news of his enduring LOVE shared!  It ended up being such a fun night!!  We laughed, got to know new people, drank coffee (maybe a little too much on my part, I was a little jittery when I started speaking....but God calmed me down.)  Overall God's love was spoken of, poured out and experienced through fellowship, games and the message.  So blessed to be a part of such a great night, and grateful the opportunity to talk about our amazing God!!  And I have to give a special shout out to my mother in law, who came to support me, even though it was her anniversary night!  Thank you Glenida, that was very special to me!  Here is the video if you are interested...

Part 1

Part 2