Friday, January 25, 2013

The first 29 years

My lifelong friends Stacey and Kim challenged me to write a list every year on my birthday of highlights from the previous year. Go here to see Kim's list. Since this is my first time doing the challenge, I can do major events from my whole life.  There are a lot of incredible moments from my life, too many to count, but I will try to hit the big ones.  Every year after this, it will only be highlights and proud moments from the previous year.  So here we go:

1. Met Jesus (You knew that had to be number 1, He became my savior)
2. Met and married my best friend: Andrew
3. Had my first child, Drew
4. Emma entered our lives, my daughter.
5. Got filled with and empowered by the Holy Spirit of God
6. Was on the REC TEAM for Wisdom Works, and my engagement there.
7. Meeting President George W. Bush and eating breakfast at the white house.
8. Mission trips to Mexico & Downtown Chicago
9. Moving to Michigan
10. Troutman family white elephant & Dibler get togethers...our "skits and cheerleading"
11. Grace Youth Group and our crazy fun adventures, CAMP!!!
12. Going on Cruises with mom and Stacey, Sabrina, Jody, Lindsay and then Again with my hubby on our honey moon & meeting Rachel Ray on the trip!
13. Being baptized at Woodside, and my mom surprising me!
14. My dad singing "Amber's Song" at my wedding.  (He wrote it for me!)
15. The "crazy group" exploring spooky houses
16. Lighthouse at Woodside, doing my first bible study. All the great friendships made there!
17. Disney World with my family.
18. Sharing a message about Jesus with our moms group.  For the first time publicly.
19. Working with Highschoolers at Faith, encouraging them in their walk with God.
20. Seeing my brothers get married to amazing women, my newest sisters, wahoo!
21. Watching our kids in wonder of the butterflies we raised from babies.
22. Listening to my Dad glorify Jesus in song.
23. Coming in and seeing my mom reading her bible every night.
24. Having and hearing my Grandparents & Andrew's grandparents faithfully pray for us.
25. Developing the best friendships that span a lifetime.
26. Being welcomed into my husbands family, gaining the sisters I never had, and another set of parents who love me as their own child.
27. Vacations to Michigan as a kid, to Grandma Roberta's on the lake, playing spoons, and Grandpa Gordy & Grand Mary Lou...playing Euchre, still to this day, the best!!
28. Going to Williamsburg with the Combs and Streets
29. Going to the beach growing up....capture the flag, cards, karaoke, "points"  FUN TIMES!

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