Friday, January 25, 2013

What has God called YOU to do?

Today is my birthday, and I thought, what a perfect opportunity to evaluate my life, take a look at where I am spending my time, hang out with all the Almighty and have Him do some pruning and directing.

I just read a post the other night that REALLY made me think. You can read it HERE: Every Need is not your calling.  It challenged me to ask the question: What has God called ME to do?  The world is full of needs, every where you go, there is a cause, people in need.  Which need is Jesus wanting to meet through me and which cause is destined for someone else to do?  So I decided to think about what has God specifically called me to do? And before I wrote this I prayed: Father God, I pray you show me what my calling is, right now, in this season of life.  I am here to do what you desire, please make it known to me.  Use me where I am at, help me see what is most important to you for my life.  What is important You is all that matters.  In my mighty Savior's precious name, Jesus I pray Amen!

My priorities, my calling 

I am called to walk with God, to seek His face, opinion, guidance in all things, all the time.  I am called to spend regular time communing with Jesus, being filled with His wisdom, the word and getting to know Him. I am called to pray, praise, read the word daily.  I am called to keep my eyes fixed on Jesus, and share His good news, share the Love, Grace, and Forgiveness I have been shown to others, starting at home with my husband and kids, they should be receiving the bulk of my pouring out.  I am called to take part in the abundant life being led by the Spirit of God.  I am called to live in the strength Christ provides, to actually let Jesus live, love and minister through me.

I am called to encourage and help my husband.  I am called to take an interest in what He likes, to be his biggest fan, to dream with him and have fun.  I am called to be a wife who lets her husband know I would rather be with him than any other person, he is my best friend!  I am called to support and build him up, to make sure his needs are met and keep communication open.  I am called to pray for him and encourage Him in The Lord (gently as the Spirit leads) and respect, serve and submit to Him as I would the Lord.  I am called to serve my husband in the strength Christ gives, letting the Holy Spirit empower me to do this and just let Jesus love him through me.  

I am called to be a mother who loves and and trains my children.  I am called to seek God, and be filled with His love so I can pour into my kids and help meet their needs.  I am called to pray for strength and guidance to lead the children God has blessed me with.  I am called to get on the floor and play with them.  I am called to include them in my life, and make them feel more important than the computer, phone, friends, tv, ministry, a good book.  I am called to lead them to the one who can meet all their needs, Jesus.  I am called to teach them how to pray, how to respond to struggle, how to treat others kindly and how to make cookies :)  I am called to redirect and discipline them as the Lord leads, and sometimes that takes me taking a breath and asking God: "How should I respond to this?"  I am called to let Jesus teach, train, enjoy, love and show grace to my kids through me.

I am called to keep my house in order.  I am called to seek God's help on this (I will admit it is not my strong suit, but where I am weak He is strong.)  I am called to provide meals for my family.  I am called to pray the the Holy Spirit will teach me how to create a haven of peace in our home.  I am called to do the laundry, dishes, vacuum and all the other tasks that seem mundane, but are part of God's plan for me, as if I am doing them for God himself, because I am!  I am called to run my home in the strength, wisdom and direction God provides.

I am called to let the Lord teach others through me.  I am called to let the Lord use me in any way He sees fit.  I am called to encourage my friends and family to really get to know the amazing creator of the world.  I am called to unveil the love of Christ to anyone and everyone.  I am called to write about the truth.  I am called to encourage and exhort believers.  I am called to serve in the women's ministry at the local church.  I am called to minister the new covenant through the leading of the Holy Spirit and in the strength of Christ, it is MUCH easier to let Him do it through me, than I try to do it with all my strength.

This is the calling God has placed on my life, right now in the stage of life I am in.  Some of these priorities will always remain the same, but others will shift and alter with time, as the kids get older and I get a maid...just kidding :)

But I wanted to challenge you tonight, take a moment to go before the LORD and ask Him, "What matters to you God?  What have you called me specifically to do?"  And be still and listen.  See what He says.  You may have never written down your priorities, I encourage you to take some time and evaluate what call God has for you life right now.  Enjoy where you are, realize no job is too small or insignificant.  There are LOTS of needs in the world, what need does God want you meeting today?  And remember, it is always in Christ, in His strength that we are able to do all things.

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