Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Rest and Play

I am soooooooo looking forward to tomorrow.  I have no plans other than enjoying my kids, doing a little freezer cooking, maybe a craft and hopefully getting some fresh air.  I have felt like I have been on the go go go lately so I decided tomorrow is a day of rest and play!!

Planning parties, attending meetings, doing play dates, organizing and putting on events can wear you out - did I mention cleaning, cooking, teaching, running a household, ect......  Sometimes you can be doing so much for your kids that you aren't spending any time with them.  I want to make sure that doesn't happen, so I want to make this day, with the kiddos and I, a regular part of our week.  What will they remember and cherish the most: all the activities and things I planned for them, or a mommy who played dress up, train tracks, doggies with them?

So tomorrow: I will probably be in pajamas all day, the phone will be on silent, I will not be emailing and updating my status, the keys will remain in my purse and it will be FUN, RELAXING and CAREFREE!! Mommy and kids day, can't wait!!  :-)

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