Saturday, September 1, 2012

I love you "mom"

Last night Drew was in the mood to camp! Andrew, my hubby, obliged his fantasy and dug a pup-tent out of the barn. He wanted to sleep outside...alone. (he is still worried in his room by himself so we decided the living room was the best option.) At bed time (after many stories and prayers with daddy, grandpa, grandma, mama and visits to the potty, checking in on us....) he attempted to "camp"....he lasted in the tent about 5 minutes. Sweetie! At least he tried.

We left the tent up and this morning the kids were playing nicely and eating breakfast in it.  I had my plate ready and was just about to seize the peaceful opprtunity to sit down to a quiet breakfast by myself when The Holy Spirit gave me another idea.  He told me to go in and sit with them and just enjoy the moment. I paused for a second to decide if I was going to follow the nudging of His leading or do my own thing.  I decided on doing God's thing. (I know you probably always follow God without questioning or debating with Him first :-) but I have to tell ya, I do not always come to an instant decision.)

I knocked or rather scraped on the door of the tent and asked to come to their campsite for breakfast. Drew was so thrilled! "Sure! Come in!" he unzipped and let me enter.  "Oh mom, you can sit here." he cleared the sleeping bag away and set me up.  We ate for a few minutes then he turned to me randomly and said "Mom, I love you." Brought tears to my eyes. Of course we hugged and I said the same to him, and Emma followed with "Mom, I love you"   I would not have traded that moment for a thousand quiet breakfasts.

There are times what you want to do and what God wants you to do line up.  There are also sometimes that you have to lay your own desires down and follow God's alternate plan.  The world would say that putting yourself first is the key to happiness, but we know different.  God's kingdom does not work like that. Jesus says "If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself, take up his cross and follow me." Luke 9:23.  True joy, the joy of the Lord doesn't come by doing what's in your best interest, the fruit of the Spirit comes by rejecting what you want to do or say, and then choosing to do what God says, and follow when His Spirit leads.

Today I am so thankful I heard God speak and acted on His leading.  He always knows best!

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