Thursday, June 30, 2011

Yummy Gluten-free Summer Sandwich

I made these sandwiches last week when my mom was in town.  They turned out VERY good and a quick dinner to throw together, this will be a good meal when you are in a rush.  I used Udi's gluten free bagels which are really good, so I highly suggest them.  Occasionally there are 1$ off coupons on my blog here for Udi's brand products, so look for them :)

I actually had summer BLTs on my menu for the week, but after finishing my shopping and driving home I realized I forgot Bacon!  Well, what can I substitute?  I am forever making things from whatever I have on hand, I often start a recipe and realize oh no I don't have that....what else would work?  Most of the time it turns out fine, sometimes I discover a new recipe....although a few times my husband and I decide "better follow the recipe next time" Ha!  So I used lunch meat, instead of bacon and I actually just warmed it up for a few seconds in a skillet, it was just as good and cooked up much quicker.

Gluten-free bagels (Udi's brand), toasted & buttered
Sliced turkey, heated up, Salami heated up, Cooked bacon (whatever meat you prefer)
Tomato- sliced, Lettuce, Onion-sliced, avocado-sliced- this is a must!!
Spinach artichoke dip (any favorite dip will work, I picked up this one from Costco and I had purchased it for chips originally.  I made potato salad at my in-laws and I left my mayo & mustard at their house, so had to figure out, "what else would work".)

Assemble sandwiches, serve with chips & fresh fruit.  Very easy, quick and the dip, instead of the regular condiments really made it different, felt like a deli had made it.  Enjoy!

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