Monday, March 7, 2011

Hubby not diggin the Gluten Free lifestyle!

This goes out to all those beloved husbands who aren't feeling the same way about new diets and nutritional changes us wives tend to make from time to time.

Andrew, my husband, isn't really 100% on board with this whole gluten-free living.  I brainstorm with him about this blog and tell him about all the gluten free recipes we're gonna try, and do you know what he came home with tonight?!  One dozen Paczkis!!  He is lucky I love him so much...otherwise I would be throwing those out the window.  All they are doing is sitting on my counter tempting me!! (Maybe I should have waited till after Fat Tuesday to start this!) So far so good, my mother in law brought over gluten free scones tonight and they were REALLY good!  Recipe to soon follow! 

For now I will just enjoy watching my favorite boys having fun teasing me as they share a tasty treat....LUCKY!!!

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