Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Simple Stroller Rental - Stroller Rentals in Orlando

We just got back from a family trip to Florida, it was a great family vacation and perfect escape from the polar freeze we've been experiencing.  We debated flying or driving and ended up choosing to drive for the savings.  Two full days of driving with little kids, you can bet I planned some fun activities to keep them busy, so if you are looking for car or airplane ideas for young kids check THIS POST out.

Now, our vehicle could only hold so much stuff and one thing that did not make the cut is a stroller.  I knew we could not do a pleasant day at Disney without a stroller, so I started researching prices at the park and was a little surprised at how much they cost.  Not only did the expense bother me, but I wondered about the comfort (since Disney's are hard plastic) and the storage capability.  Then I came across Simple Stroller Rental.  After researching their site, reading reviews & policies I knew this was the best choice for us.

I've been considering buying a sit and stand stroller for our 3rd, so I was thrilled to discover Simple Troller Rental had the exact one I'm interested in.  I was able to try before buying and experience their fabulous service.  It couldn't have been an easier process.  You reserve the stroller of your choice online, with brands such as Joovy, BOB, Baby Trend, ect... And select a delivery & pick up date, at no extra charge.

Simple Stroller Rental delivered our stroller right to our hotel and notified me by text as soon as it arrived.  We strolled down to the lobby to pick up, it was super clean and in perfect shape.  When we left for home we dropped it off at the front desk.  Easy Peasy.

We took that stroller everywhere, and it was so nice not having to stop, purchase, register and pick up a rental at each destination.  Plus, it was less expensive than renting at the parks & shopping areas combined, we got to use it at places that didn't offer rentals (outlet malls),  was so comfy for the kids and had more than enough storage space!  If you are looking to rent a stroller when in the Orlando area, I HIGHLY recommend Simple Stroller Rental, you won't be disappointed. 

Read More Simple Stroller reviews HERE (on their site) or from their Twitterfeed: @ssrental

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  1. That's cool. Clever mama (cute too - your outfit in that pic is so cute!) Now it's time to get a bigger vehicle. :)


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