Thursday, March 13, 2014

No Coincidence

Do you believe in coincidence?  Like, that things happen randomly? Or is there a bigger design going on that we get to take part of?  If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you will quickly discover I hold to the latter belief.  I know God has a plan for each of us, that we are specifically destined and equipped to carry out.

Tonight, I knew I was in exactly the right place at exactly the right time, doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing.

It all started with my cell phone dieing.  It just stopped charging, and let me tell you this is not the first phone I've had this issue with....what's up with that?!  Well after tonight, I am ok with that happening.  You see, instead of going out to a movie with my hubs, we spent our date night at a T Mobile store getting me a new phone.

At the cell store, I noticed an employee who was pregnant.  Just before we left I thought I should ask her how far along she is.  Here is our conversation:

Her "I'm due in 8 weeks."
Me: "Oh, me too! I'm due May 8th"
Her "Wow, me too."
Me: "I overheard your name is Amber...that's my name."
Her: "No way! That's crazy!"
Me: "Where are you delivering?"
Her: "****** Hospital"
Me: (With my jaw dropping to the floor.) "Me too!"

Both pregnant.
Same week in pregnancy.
Same Due date.
Same name.
Same hospital.

What?!?! This is no coincidence people!  I've never had this happen before.  We chatted for a while and she revealed to me that she is nervous about possibly having to deliver weeks early because of a particular condition, she will know the results in 2 weeks.  I told her I would pray for her.  We continued talking about the baby, hospital, pregnancy & then I asked God:

"Ok is there anything you want me to say to her or encourage her with?"
 I heard clear as day "Pray with her."  My first thought: AWKWARD!! I mean, come on, it's easy as pie to say you will pray for someone, but to ask if you can pray for them right then, I find it's almost always out of my comfort zone, even with Christians.  I don't know this girl, or where she stands.
"But God, what if she's offended?!  I don't want it to get weird." (B/c ya know it's all about MY comfort! (Hope you detected the sarcasm.)
To which He simply replied: "Do it."
"Oh fine... Let's do this."

So, I jumped in with both feet: "Hey, I would really love to pray with you about your situation if you are comfortable with that?"
Her "Yes, sure!" (God always knows what He is doing!)

So I walked around the counter and prayed with her right then and there.  I'm writing this post in hopes that you will join me in praying for "Tmobile Amber" that God will do a miracle and change her condition so she can go full term, for her to not be afraid and mostly that she will be drawn to Jesus.

Sometimes I can just go through life and not really ask God "Ok who do you want me to minister to today?" Or "What should I say?"  But today I was so glad I did.  Yes, it took me out of my comfort zone, but who knows what the ripple effect will be of that one interaction?  God wants to use you, I encourage you, ask for and listen to His leading and don't be afraid to sacrifice your comfort.  The long term benefits FAR out way the temporary discomfort.  It is worth it!  God will help us, we just need to be willing.

Please pray for this young mom, Amber, I want her to experiences Jesus!

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