Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Baby it's COLD outside!

Well it has been a chilly, snowy last few days.  Over the weekend we got dumped on, 15 inches in two days on top of the 6'' we already had. You talk about a Winter Wonderland! My husband surprised us with a kids snowmobile he got from a friend for a great deal, so before the cold, I mean the REAL cold came, Drew had the time of his life!

Drew was born to ride!

Daddy loved it just as much as the kids!

So after the snowstorm, the weather has been at 0 or below.  I think since I've lived in the north I haven't seen it get as low as -13 degrees.  But really it hasn't been all that bad, just lots of staying inside, hot chocolate, games, snow ice cream, coloring & tv.  But I will say, we did have to visit 4 stores last night to find milk :)

We did venture out to our gym tonight & pretend like it was warm weather as we splashed in the indoor pool & enjoyed the waterslide.  Drew was supposed to go back to school this last Monday, but it has been canceled everyday so far, we will see about Thursday.  I'm excited for the warm up, yes we are supposed to get in the teens tomorrow....my kids are ready to play in that snow & honestly I'm feeling motivated to go on a walk myself.

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