Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gifts of Hope

I have a desire to cultivate a family that is generous.  I will be honest, I haven't done the best job with involving my children with giving to others.  I mean we give, but don't always tell them we've done so. My hope is to make them more aware of different needs people have and let them play an active part in the giving process.  Whether that is giving their own money or helping us raise some, choosing who we will give to, help pick out gifts, ect....

A few nights ago I was telling the kids how blessed we are, and about people around the world who don't have as much as we do.  "Some kids don't get birthday & Christmas presents, some don't even eat everyday."  And I posed a question "How do you think we can help people in need?"  Drew piped up right away with his own idea.  "I want to give a gift to a kid in Africa."  It made my heart melt. And I thought, ok I need to find a way to give to kids in Africa, I wondered why he chose that location. Later that night, I was on Facebook and saw an acquaintance of mine announcing she was collecting gifts for kids in Africa!  I was like "Thank you God!" He dropped it right in my lap. Amen?! He's so good!

So, today we collected our items, packed up our bags to get ready to go out & then watched a video on the kids who would be receiving their presents. They really enjoyed giving and were so curious & so many questions.  It was a great experience & opportunity to share about God's heart for these children.  The organization we are giving through is Key of Hope, this particular drive is called "Gifts of Hope" and they are accepting donations for a few more days, if you want more info, click HERE.

I really enjoyed doing this with them and we are just starting to teach our kids about giving to others & have them help in a more hands on approach, but I hope to see our family grow in generosity.

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