Thursday, August 15, 2013

Unity Christian Music Festival Giveaway

A few weeks I saw a tweet by Hillsong Live come across my feed: DJ Fuse is giving away tickets to the Unity Christian Music Fest, enter to win.   So I wondered over to DJ Fuse's site and entered....and a day before the event I found out I won a pair of tickets to one day (of my choice) to the Festival!! I was so thrilled, surprised and thankful to God, He s SO awesome!!

The festival was a 4 day event packed with amazing music, food and lots of family fun!  There were tons of artists that were there, from emerging bands to mainstream singers.  Jeremy Camp, Casting Crowns, Colton Dixon, are some of the names you may recognize.  But for us we chose to go on Thursday, when The Passion Band with Kristian Stanfill & Hillsong Live were playing.  It's no secret Hillsong is my favorite, and this was my first time seeing them Live, it was INCREDIBLE!!

We brought the kids and I was surprised how much there was for them to do, carnival games, rock climbing walls, train ride, chalkboard graffiti, paintball guns (shooting at a target), 2 playgrounds, sandboxes, prizes...lots of fun!  It was a well done event with cheap food, friendly people and amazing music.  I highly recommend checking it out with the family, what a great memory!  Here are a few of our pictures from the fun day.

And another cool thing that happened, as if winning tickets wasn't cool enough, while Passion was playing I came up to a lady in the crowd who I thought was in Hillsong, after discovering she wasn't in the band, I found out she was Kerri Stanfill!! (Krisian Stanfill's wife.). She was so sweet, and talked with me for a few minutes, it's nice meeting people who are well known and discover they are just normal moms like me who love Jesus!

All in all it was a great day, and I loved that we could bring the kids, feel completely safe with what they would see & hear and it was SO precious hearing them join in praising & worshiping the king.  I wanted to thank you DJ Fuse again for the giveaway, we enjoyed it thoroughly!!

LOVED seeing hands raised in praise to the ALMIGHTY & joining in worshiping in unison.

Face painting, Emma got a butterfly and Drew chose a spider?? LOL
Soccer time! 
Emma was pretty tuckered out after all day in the sun!  Slept right through a lot of the music!!