Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Challenge 2013

School is out.

Garden is planted.

Pool is opened.

Sunny days and Warm weather has arrived.

SUMMER VACATION is here!!!!!  And we are all very excited.  I am loving lazy mornings, no agenda and good ole' fashion fun in the sun!  While vacations are wonderful, I want to make sure I am not taking such a break that nothing is accomplished and no one is challenged.

My Mother in Law suggested I come up with a few goals for my kiddos for the summer as a kind of challenge to be working towards.  So, I did and I unveiled the "Summer Challenge" to the kids on day 1 of summer vaca and they were anxious to get to work!  It is fun to always have some activity we can be working on if we get bored.

So here is our list, one for a 5 year old, one for a 3 year old.  These are all activities that they can not currently do and will take some work to achieve.  Our incentive is: for every 4 challenges they cross off they receive a special prize.  Drew has got 4 crossed off and is currently using his first prize (a fishing pole) to cross off yet another challenge.  It is a lot of fun watching them work to pass another challenge and see them beaming with pride at their accomplishment! Hope this gives you a few ideas of fun things for you and your kids to do this summer :).

Drew Summer Challenge (5 year old)
Ride bike up back hill
Swim across short length of pool
Spell first and last name (write) and say family motto
Count to 100
Recognize 20 words and spell
Read 50 books with mom or dad
Read 3 chapter books with mom or dad
Say mommy and daddy's phone number
Make cookies by his self
Write whole alphabet lower and upper
Do monkey bars
5 jumps in a row, jump roping
Cut out complex picture and glue it
Do a color by numbers picture alone
Tie both shoes, no help, no reminding
Catch a fish

Emma Summer Challenge (3 year old)
Ride bike around patio circle
Swim with life jacket across short length of pool and back
Spell EMMA and say family motto
Say full name
Sit through 5 picture books in a row
Run through sprinkler
Do a head stand alone
Do monkey bars
Read 30 books
Do 12 piece jigsaw puzzle alone
Cut out circle, square, rectangle triangle and oval shapes with scissors alone
Draw a person
Color a picture fully, in lines
One full hike up the back hill without being held
Catch a lady bug
Make lemonade by herself