Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Fit Moms Weight Loss Challenge

Well right now I am in the middle of the Intentional Living Series: Parenting with a Purpose, but I wanted to share a quick update on life and a new thing I am doing.

I have NEVER been a fitness guru.  I don't really like working out, my idea of a gym day is sitting in the cafe with a cup of coffee and reading my bible.  However, since I stopped nursing my last baby, Emma I have put on a little extra weight.  With summer right around the corner, and my metabolism obviously getting slower, I decided it is time to do something!

So I announced my desire to lose a few pounds, have accountability and possibly a competition on Facebook earlier today to see if anyone else was feeling like me.  I got a lot of responses, seems like we are all in the same boat, wanting to get fit, but not super motivated.  So, today we started Fit Moms FB group, and we are having our first weight loss challenge.  Thank you Lisa & Shelli for all the great ideas, we combined a few different challenges and created our own.

Anyways I wanted to share this with you so my readers can know what I am up to and join in, if interested. I have a goal weight to reach by June 7th and I will let you know if I get there.  The challenge begins this Friday, April 12th, and is 8 weeks long. There will be 2 winners one for most weight loss by percentage, and one for earning the most points (points earned by completing basic & easy fitness habits)  If you are interested in doing the Fit Moms Weight Loss Challenge or want more details, please contact me by visiting my FACTS link just below my header picture, or message me if we are FB friends.  I have never done anything like this, so it is very new and exciting.  Our Fit Moms FB page will be full of tips, motivation and healthy recipes.  I may even put up a few menus of healthy eating ideas on here.  Even if you are not interested at all, when you think of it, pray for me to stay motivated and reach my goal, and have lots of self control, and for the other women participating!  Excited to see how God uses this!