Thursday, March 7, 2013

Woodsy Themed Bridal Shower

I love to throw parties, however that little desire has been pushed to the way back of my life right now, as we are in transition between homes and living with family.  That is ok though, I am taking a little break from entertaining, but in the mean time I am living vicariously through my mother in law.  She threw a "Woodsy Themed Bridal Shower" this past weekend and I wanted to share photos for ideas and a few tips.

 We took this photo of the Mr. & Mrs. and had it framed for a gift, used it as decor, and pulled the "&" into the  invitations. 

My sister in law, Heidi made this adorable, no sewing required sign.

After visiting the bride's Pinterest wedding board, we noticed she liked a lot of woodsy stuff, love birds, logs, so we went with Love birds, trees, woodsy theme.  I was able to recreate a painting I saw online, customizing the colors to match the Bride's decor and saving a lot of money by doing it myself.  

 Our menu was simple and easy to throw together.  We have done parties with lots of food in the past, but let me tell you, everyone gets just as full weather you have a lot or a little on the menu, so less is more (and a whole lot less baking/work.)
Yogurt cups dolloped with fresh berries.
Blueberry Crumble Muffins.
Quiche, regular & gluten free.
Sliced Ham
Coffee, assorted teas & punch.
Dessert table: Coconut cupcakes, Chocolate gnache cake, White cake with Raspberry filling & frosting, Cheesecake.

For the dessert table we used the sign: "Love is Sweet" and displayed cakes on top of logs, it gave it a fun whimsical, but still woodsy feel.


 My little Emma with my mother in law.

 The bride, mother and sister opening up her love bird painting, that was their gift from me.

 Let me tell you, if you ever need a helper opening your gifts, Emma is your girl!

 We couldn't help but  notice, the bride, Rachel, matched her cake :)