Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Holy Spirit Speaks

I had to share this quick little story with you.

On Monday my friend told me she was feeling led by the Lord to write a blog post about listening and acting on the Holy Spirit's prompting.  You can read it here:  Where He leads, I follow  It is such a good read, so inspiring and Michelle shares how this month, she has determined to just say YES, to God, however He leads.

I was so inspired by her post, that I said, "Lord, I want to do the same thing, speak to me, lead me, give me ears to hear."

Well yesterday He did, A LOT!  But the one I wanted to share was the most out there one.  I was heading out the door to the grocery store, it was raining, I did think "Why, did I not do this the night before, when there was no rain?!"  Oh well!  I had the kids in the car and headed back in the house to grab my purse, God spoke "Grab a towel."  It came as thought inside of me, it wasn't an audible voice, it was just an idea that popped in.  I could have chosen to say "Oh that was just me, I don't need a towel."  but I thought, that was not my own idea, that has to be God.  I grabbed a towel.

And don't you know when I got to the store every single one of the children's carts with the cars attached were outside, soaking wet.  I heard God whisper "I knew you were going to need one."

Isn't He good?!  He cares about the little things.  So when you have random thoughts pop in your head, "I might need an umbrella, I shouldn't watch this show, I wonder how Amy is doing?"  Act on them.  If it is a person, pray for them, and see if God is leading you to bring them a meal, send them a note of encouragement, call them.  He moves in mysterious ways.  The Holy Spirit, the very breath of God is always speaking, I pray that we all have ears to hear and discern his promptings.

Have a blessed day!

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