Monday, October 22, 2012

Tea for Three

This is my sweet Emma!  Today we had our first tea party, just her and I and baby doll (usually we have Drew too, but he had school this morning).  Emma plays well by herself, so when it is just her and I at home I sometimes find myself cleaning while she is playing quietly on the floor with her babies.  She is SUCH a baby girl, I love it!!  I am trying to be careful with the precious time that I have alone with her, since she is so self entertained, I have to determine to make play time with her a priority.  (Especially since I suspect her main love language is quality time.)

We had a great tea party, ate our little snacks and read Fancy Nancy: Tea for Two.  Cute story of friendship, girls having tea parties, and learning to apologize.  I really had a beautiful morning chatting with Emma, so glad we had a special time together.  It may have taken away from the cleaning & cooking I was hoping to get done, but this was worth it, much more important and way more fun !

And here is how Emma tells the story of the broken tea pot in the story :)

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  1. She has such a cute little voice! Love that girl. :)


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