Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quick Learning Game

I was sitting at lunch today and I thought of a quick little math exercise I could do with Drew.  We are learning to identify all the numbers 1-10.  He was eating, I had just finished, I found a scrap piece of paper.  I ripped the paper into 1 inch pieces.

 I wrote the numbers 1-10 on separate pieces.  I placed them in order and just asked him to point to each number as I called it out.  We pointed to the numbers as we counted from one to 10, then 10 back down to one. 

Emma saw we were "playing a game" and she wanted to be included.  I then made up a few pieces for her with pictures she could identify.  I took turns asking them to point out numbers or shapes.  They loved it.  So simple and it took a total of 1 minute to assemble, and 5 minutes to play, short and educational.  We finished by piling all the numbers up and he had to lay them out in order 1 to 10, he did great.  Simple, just wanted to share a quick idea :)

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