Monday, March 19, 2012


Well you have probably figured out by now that I like coffee. You know God likes coffee too, I mean why else is there a book in the bible called "HE...BREWS?" Hahaha! I like to have an assortment of travel mugs on hand for drinking "joe" on the go.  Lately we have lost a few, and we were down to 2 travel mugs, they seemed to be always in the wash.  I mentioned to my husband that we needed to get more.  Just before my birthday back in January we were walking through the Christian book store and I noticed their new ceramic mugs with lids that had bible verses and thought "Oh, those are cute, I should get a few of those."  (However, I told no one.)

I have also had my eye on a set of regular coffee mugs that Starbucks carries.  They are the mugs that have the city names on them, I thought it would be neat to collect one from Charlotte, NC where I'm from, Chicago - my favorite big city, Detroit and wherever else we like to visit. I pointed them out to my friend Hillary last time we were at the "bucks".  I also pointed the write your own message mugs, so cute.  

For my birthday I received a Starbucks "write your own message" mug, and 2 of the travel mugs from the Christian book store.  I was so blessed and thankful to the LORD  whispering those desires of my heart to my friends & family.  Thank you Heidi, Hillary and Maria!  You guys blessed me more than ya know!

I was in Salvation Army two weeks later on the shelf with all the used mugs was a brand new Detroit Starbucks mug for .99 cents, that is what I am talking about.  Am I crazy enough to think my God put that there right for me??  YEP!!  They are still selling it in the store for $10.00!  I made coffee tonight and am sitting here drinking out of my Detroit cup as I type.  I was wondering what I was going to write about and then realized it was right in my hands.  Thank you God for blessing me with my mugs!  LOVE IT!

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