Monday, August 1, 2011

Corn on the Cob Cupcakes

I just HAD to share this latest creatio of mine with you.  Not very often do the words "CRACK ME UP" come out of my mouth when I am describing food, but these cupcakes "crack me up!"  The recipe I still need to perfect, so I am just sharing what they turned out like.  I got the idea from a cupcake cook book I got from my friend, all I remember saying when I saw this idea was "Oh that is hillarious!"  Just a fun cupcake idea to bring to a summer bbq, so make them while you can!!

I got the lemon & buttered popcorn flavored from the candy store at the mall.  It was actually the second candy store I had gone to in order to find the right color, I was DETERMINED to make these you see!  Also in the original picture I saw, they had taken yellow star burst candy or laughy taffy and made it in the shape of a slab of butter, such a cute touch!  I did not have that on hand, but thought it was an adorable finish.  Anyways just ideas for ya!

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