Saturday, April 23, 2011

Eat Organic Butter

I wanted to share some information I have been hearing, and coming across in my own research.  My hope is to share ANY nutrition information I discover with everyone so we can all work towards better health for our us and our families.

A Chiropractor was the first one to tell me that if I can only do one thing organic, make it butter.  Butter?!  I was a little skeptical if that was the first change I should make, especially since when I think of organic I always think of produce.

Why Organic Butter?
So apparently animals store all the toxins they ingest (pesticides, hormones, meds) in their fat, what is butter?  80% milkfat (  I found these clip very interesting:

"Most people get their fat from animal-based foods like milk, ghee, cheese, butter, and meat. In animals' bodies (and yours), built up toxins like pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and pollutants are most-often deposited in fat cells."

"Buy organic butter. It costs significantly more than regular butter but there’s no way of getting around the fact that toxins concentrate in the fat of an animal, and butter is pure animal fat."  

Since butter has the highest concentration of toxins, we will be buying that first, it seems to be even more important than meat.  Just so you know we try to always eat organic: dairy(raw if possible), meat(free-range), eggs(free range), fish(non- farm raised).  Produce if I can, usually the last thing I buy organic if I can afford it, just be sure to wash with a good cleaner, like Grapefruit seed extract.

What about margarine?

 Yikes!  I was tipped off to how bad it was when I heard from my mom that a past student of hers had a father who works at a plant where they make it.  He said "you might as well eat the plastic tub it comes in".  Here are a few things I found about margarine online (each link is fascinating and if you have time to check out, I think you will find it VERY interesting):

"Butter is a completely natural food essential to your health - especially when you eat organic. Also, please make the extra effort to obtain high-quality organic, raw butter.  Margarines, on the other hand, are a processed food, created chemically from refined polyunsaturated oils. The process used to make these normally liquid oils into spread-able form is called hydrogenation.  Margarine and similar hydrogenated or processed polyunsaturated oils are potentially more detrimental to your health than any saturated fat."

"The foods that supply these dangerous fatty acids include: ....
▪ Bakery-made chocolate cookies made with cottonseed and/or soybean oil
▪ Chocolate cookies with crème fillings
▪ Commercial taco shells
▪ Glazed doughnuts
▪ Margarine
▪ Milk chocolate coated cookie bars made with caramel
▪ Popcorn made with soybean oil (although low-fat varieties contain 80 percent less 18: fatty acids)
▪ Potato chips fried in a mixture of oils (but not potato chips fried in just one kind of oil)
▪ Shortening, especially if it is made with soybean oil (28 times the 18:1 fatty acid content of lard)
▪ Snack crackers made with cottonseed oil, refined coconut oil, or soybean oil"

"Large amounts of trans fats are definitely harmful to our health, and processed products containing hydrogenated oils are not what you should be consuming.  Health authorities worldwide recommend that consumption of trans fat be reduced to trace amounts, because the consumption of trans fats increases the risk of coronary heart disease by raising levels of "bad" LDL cholesterol and lowering levels of "good" HDL cholesterol.  Since trans fat doesn't occur much in nature, our bodies don't know how to deal with it effectively. They act as poisons to crucial cellular reactions.",201 - 
When cells can't function normally they cause ALL kinds of health problems, that is why we try to stay FAR away from bad fats & oils.  "When cells fail to function properly, the effects may be barely noticeable or create health major problems. Abnormal or rapid cell growth are dysfunctions that lead to conditions such as psoriasis, endometriosis and cancer. Cell deterioration leads to a number of conditions related to the breakdown of vital organs and leads to a faster overall aging process."
These articles, research prompted by chiropractor Dr. Jason Olafsson, were very enlightening.  Dr. J is all about a whole body health approach, not just back pain, but finding the root of the problem, could be diet, allergies, intolerance, spinal misalignment.   I'm so thankful he pointed us in the right direction and glad I was able to find good information to back up what I had been told.  It will be organic butter for us!  By the way the best deal I have found on that is Costco.   Here is a list of where I buy what: Ingredients

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