Tuesday, April 5, 2011

All About Birds

While looking out the window this morning I noticed birds fluttering around the front yard.  It is a sure sign of spring to hear the birds chirping early in the morning, finally returned from their hiding spots or migratory flights from warmer weather.  (Did you know that not all birds migrate?!  Click here for more info on what Michigan birds do for the winter.)

 The sun peaked through here and there today and lead to me believe that it was warmer outside than it actually was.  I got Drew all pumped up for a walk, and he said "Come on mom, lets open the door and see if it is warm!"  As we opened the front door a brisk breeze poured in our house and we quickly closed it, and I found a nice heat register to sit on...haha!  I woke up a little under the weather today and actually didn't mind that it was too chilly to spend time outdoors. ( I was thinking "shouldn't have sat on the couch with a jar of nutella & a spoon yesterday.  If only sugar didn't compromise the immune system!!")

Since we didn't have anything planned to do today, I decided to make it a theme day!  Inspired by the birds who seemed to come out when the sun did this morning and a cute craft I tore out of a magazine last week I began putting together craft & teaching supplies.  Once Emma was down for her first nap it was "Go Time".

This is a great time of year to learn about birds & do bird themed projects.  With Easter just around the corner, you will have lots of eggs around the house, now is the perfect time to tell where they come from.

First I had Drew cover 3 pinecones with peanut butter (organic- yay for the birds, just kidding, that is all we had on hand!)  Next he sprinkled sunflower seeds, some still in the shell, some not over them all.

I tied a string around one, and the other just left on the plate.  We headed out side to find the perfect tree to hang one "bird feeder" in.

  We chose a tree just outside of his window so he could sit on his bed and watch the birds snack.  (And hopefully not bang on the window & scare them away haha!)

 The other two we put on our table outside our master bedroom doorwall.  The kids like to play by that and look outside, so another good vantage point for our little ones.

After setting up our feeders I had Drew pick up a bunch of twigs so we could make bird nests.  We then headed back inside to do another project and get warm :)  (So I did end up outside anyway.)

For the bird nest project you need glue, twigs and a brown paper lunch bag.
Squish down the bag: 

Pour glue all over the smashed bag, break up the twigs and have your child place them all over.  Allow to dry.  Now when you make those cute eggs for Easter you will have a place to put them :)

Emma woke up shortly after we finished this craft, so she got to sit in on story time.  I found a bible story that coordinated with our theme.  It was of Elijah being fed by the Ravens.  Taken from: 1 Kings 17: 1-6.  I found this great site that gave ideas how to share this with your kids.  They used a Raven puppet, so I don't have one of those, but I did find a stuffed penguin, LOL, they're both black right?  Anyways he was way more interested in the story with "Pingu" telling it.  Here is the link for that site: Elijah & the Ravens

I also printed off a coloring sheet/project from that site for him to do.  Of course he ate 1/2 the food that Elijah was supposed to get, but the picture still turned out cute.  I love the "moral" of the story and the verse they put with it:  God may ask you to do some hard things, but he will always take care you & your needs.  "But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus" Philippians 4:19  I do love all the cool stories from the bible, but I think it is important to point out to our kids what we can learn from it, and the truths of God found throughout, otherwise they are JUST stories.

A few other things we did: We watched "Are you my mother?" & Wonder Pets Save the Pigeon on You Tube.  Also, I got down a globe and talked about birds flying to warmer weather when it gets cold.  So we had a pretty fun, educational day! I hope this gets some ideas going for ya!

If you are thinking of doing a Bird themed day, here is a great site, filled with ideas & crafts.  I just used what I had on hand, but if you have time to plan there are some really cute things you can do with your kiddos!  http://daniellesplace.com/html/birdcrafts.html

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