Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring actually IS Coming!!

Living in Michigan, about this time of the year you wonder, "Will spring ever come?"  I have lived here for 8 years now, and my first Michigan spring was definitely a shock!  I was used to playing soccer in February back in North Carolina, and here the fields were still under 2 feet of snow!  Back in 2003 I recall  that spring had a constant overcast sky, and the ground was mud mud mud.  "What kind of spring was this?"  It finally got warm by the end of May and then I learned what a Michigan summer was like.  WOW!  It made the rest of the year worth it.

Recently, I noticed a good friend of mine from "back home" posted a picture of blooming trees (thanks for rubbing it in Kimmy- just kidding, they are beautiful!) I immediately thought, "How awesome that must be for them.  That is still a long time away for us! ", as I looked out my window at the snow still spread across our front yard.  Just yesterday I was reading a devotion from an amazing book called the Ministry of Motherhood.  The author started the chapter out by describing her view from her window as the flowers were just beginning to pop through, spring was arriving.  Again I looked out my window, the snow had melted slightly but all I saw was mud.  Since the weather was so warm my son, Drew, was begging to go outside.  After being stuck inside with an infant all winter you kind of get used to your routine of playing inside, and I almost didn't want to but on the tennis shoes and light jackets.  It sounded much easier to just sit on the living room floor.  I decided to give in and get out in that sunshine, and what a joy it was!

The first thing I noticed were 3 purple crocuses (at least that is what I think they are- you know I googled it!).  God is so good, and always full of surprises.  Here I am thinking it is way too early for any new growth and the Lord reminds me that "He makes all things new"....even when we aren't expecting it.

While outside Drew ran around "mowing" the yard and Emma was introduced to a whole new world.  Of course she was VERY wary of the ground, each time I tried to sit her down she started to cry.  Poor thing!  I just held her, I got very close to the grass and let her hand graze the surface- she was still suspicious.  I know by the end of this summer she will be toddling (hopefully) all through that back yard.

As I took a look at where our vegetable garden was last year, my mind was filled with all kinds of ideas at how we can change it, improve it and maybe make it look more pleasing to the eye.  It is amazing how that little area of weeds and dirt will produce such a wonderful, tasty bounty.  I am always trying new veggies and fruit and I look forward to sharing our experiences as we give gardening a go this year.  Drew has his little shovel, rake & garden gloves ready and can't wait to find the "wormies" as he calls him.

I hope you are able to get a chance to get outside and get some fresh air, marvel at our awesome creator through his creations and think about the possibilities for your yard this year.

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