Thursday, March 31, 2011

Simple Boredom Buster

We were looking for something fun to do this morning and I came up with this simple game.  It kept Drew and I entertained for a good half hour- 45 minutes.

What you need:
Apple container from Costco (cupcake tin would work too)
A mound of change (pennies, nickels, quarters)
Paper (if you want to keep track or chart your findings like we did)

Put the container or tin against the wall, sit back a few feet and do a coin toss.  See how long it takes you to fill up each hole.  It took Drew and I working together 97 pieces of change to fill up 22 holes.  42 pieces were scattered on the floor, 55 were in the different holes.  It is actually a little harder than it looks!

Make sure you have them count out the change with you.  Talk about how much each is worth, add & subtract with them.  See what works better, throwing them one at a time?  Throwing a handful?  If you have multiple kids playing assign each a different coin (example Joe has pennies, Jane has nickels, Tom has quarters) then you can see who has the best aim!

Anyways it was fun, easy and we learned some stuff too.

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