Friday, March 25, 2011

Easy Gluten-Free Bread

I have found that gluten-free bread, that tastes good is NOT cheap (1 loaf for around 5.99- YIKES!) .  I just wanted to share this mix that we came across at Kroger. Gluten Free Pantry, favorite sandwich bread. It cost 4.99 there, but at Whole Foods we got it for 3.99.  So if you are already going to be at WH it is cheaper.  We go out to Trader Joes & WH about once a month, since it isn't "right around the corner".  We stock up on things we can only get there, or is the best deal there.

It is pretty easy if you a have a little time, mix ingredients with eggs, warm water & oil/butter.  Let rise in loaf pan & bake, once the batter has doubled.  It tastes REALLY good!

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