Friday, December 12, 2014

The Flex Express

Tonight we made a new family tradition.  I took a few ideas from Pinterest and threw in a few of my own & came up with the Flex Express.  It was so fun!

First we watched the movie Polar Express for movie night (every Friday we do pizza & a family movie- the whole family loves it!)  While the kids watched the beginning I ran around and prepared for our surprise.  I popped popcorn, had cocoa ready to be heated up, set the car up for our ride & hid new fleece robes (like the boy wears in the movie) & golden tickets in the kids beds. You can find more tips, ideas & printable tickets here. We have a Ford Flex so we personalized the tickets, that I made from a gold Christmas bag.

 After the movie we got ready for bed as usual, but when they pulled back their sheets they made a discovery!  We weren't going to bed after all!! They put on their cozy new robes, ran through the house all excited and headed to the garage...where daddy was exclaiming "ALL ABOARD!" He punched holes in their tickets & they climbed in and found their popcorn, Hot Chocolate (of course!) & Christmas light necklaces (picked up at the dollar store.). 

We then announced we were going on a Christmas light scavenger hunt.  Here is an example of a scavenger hunt, there are tons of lists online! It was a great night of listening to & singing Christmas carols and looking at all kinds of Christmas decorations & lights.  The kids asked if we could do this every year. I'm thinking it will have to be a tradition. It was super fun to plan and do, I love this kinda thing and watching their faces light up with joy was just priceless!

What are your fun Holiday traditions? If you try this come back and let me know how it goes!

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