Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Legacy of Relationship

In my heart I have this spot, this desire to walk with my creator. He's always wanted me to know him. He's been pursuing me my whole life. The more I get to know His character and love for me, the more I experience a fulfilling life.  

It's like that spot in my heart is only filled through regular fellowship with God.  As I sit here today poring over His promises and truths I feel safe, I feel secure, I feel loved beyond a shadow of a doubt.  HE IS REAL TO ME AND HE HAS BECOME MY GOD.

I have this passion to pass on a legacy of a relationship with God to my kids. I don't want God to be "Mama's God" or "My Pastor's God" to them. I want The Lord of all the earth to be real to my children. I want Him to reveal himself to them. I want Him to be THEIR GOD, because they've experienced Him, because they know Him. 

And so my thoughts today are of unveiling God to them & creating moments where they experience Him for themselves.  And my prayer to my King is that He shows up in their lives as He did and does in mine. 

I pray you, God become real to my children. And I pray I know you more, so I can share about you more. Show me your face and give me wisdom and opportunities to reveal you to my kids. Lord please show up in all of our lives, we want to see you! 

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