Friday, July 11, 2014

Simple Vacation Mementos

Going on a trip and have young kids?  I wanted to share a SUPER simple & cheap way to remember those priceless vacation moments.

If you visit a beach collect shells with your kids, or if you are not near the ocean go on a "cool rock" hunt.  Can I tell you this is just about the best fun you could have?!

This past week we spent a few days at the ocean and each night we took a family stroll down the beach. I soaked in every moment & marveled at the joy my kids expressed as they made simple but amazing to them discoveries.  It was as if they found precious jewels, but to a kid sea shells are worth far more than money, which really is of no object to them.

When looking for shells to make a memento out of, look for ones with a small hole and about 3/4" to 2" in diameter.  The size will be good for the rocks as well and be sure they are relatively flat.

Once you have your precious "finds" make them into a necklace using a simple slip knot.  Make one for each kid and you too.  Be sure to wear them periodically and say "Hey, remember when we went to....?" & "What was your favorite part?"

I also thought turning one of these into any ornament for Christmas with the year inscribed on the back would be neat. Just simple ideas to remember a special time with your family.

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  1. Cute pictures. :) And I think I only see Drew wearing that shirt...does he own another one? ;) :)


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