Thursday, February 13, 2014

Taking God at His Word

I just had to share a really special story that happened to me personally this week.  This small story, along with one that happened today, gave my soul the lift I needed as I feel like God has been quiet for a while.  I know He has been there, He always is, but tell me I am not alone in feeling sometimes God is just silent or quieter than usual?!

Earlier this week I was sharing with my husband something I've come to learn about God.  When He tells you something, He doesn't change His mind. His word is eternal, it's irrevocable, He means what He says.  God isn't like us, come on let's be real, we are fickle.  We say "I like this.", then a few months later, we are like, "Yeah, I changed my mind I don't like that any more."   So I shared an example with my hubs from my life:


Once I was laying on a blanket in my back yard in the summer sun spending time with Jesus as the kids ran around me playing.  All of a sudden I very clearly heard God whisper "I am with you."  And then of course like any normal Christian I asked myself..."Was that me or was that the voice of God?" Can you relate? I then opened the book I was reading and I kid you not the very line I was at read: "Don't be afraid, for I am with you. Don't be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand." Isaiah 41:10. I wept from the love I felt at that moment, that the God of the universe spoke to me & then confirmed it.  

As life continued on when I would hit a snag or get discouraged, one of the first things I would start to think was "Is God still with me?"  And then one day it hit me.  If He hadn't said otherwise, what God said to me last was still true. Because the Word of The Lord stands forever.  He was still with me and I chose to believe it!  


It was awesome sharing that with Andrew, my husband, and we both knew it was true, God doesn't change His mind, what He says stands, don't question it.  Believe Him, even if others don't agree, even if He seems to have been quiet for a while, go to the last thing He confirmed to you (which BTW will ALWAYS line up with scripture, and you will have a peace from the Holy Spirit.  If you are still unsure, ask for confirmation.)

So, after this conversation took place, I kid you, not not 30 minutes later I got a picture text from a dear friend, it was this:

I cried all over again.  The VERY truth I was sharing to my husband.  Who could know that, but God? God is so real & I love how He takes time to make us feel special.  So I wanted to share this story that blessed me so much this week.  I also hoped to encourage you, has God told you something and been quiet for a while?  Seek Him on it, trust and believe that He will lead you & hold on to the truths you know He has revealed and confirmed.  

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