Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Today my husband was driving around, listening to the radio and an advertisement came on for the Piston's game tonight.  He instantly thought "That would be cool to go to and fun to take the kids to see."  A few minutes later he goes to pick up some material and the distributor looks at him and says "Hey, you want to go to the Piston's game tonight?  I got 4 tickets, great seats VIP parking passes."  Cue the jaw-drop.  Are you kidding me?!  He of course said YES!!!!!  And called me to clear the schedule because the family had plans for tonight. God is awesome, because let's face it, that was ALL Him, only He could know the thoughts my husband was having!

As soon as we arrive we are greeted by cheerleaders and they asked Drew if he wanted to shoot some baskets.  The hoop was really tall, I thought awe, I wish it were short so he actually had a chance....then HE MADE IT!!! What?! So fun for him, he was all smiles!  Drew then asked "Daddy can I get a basketball?"  Dad had to say no, cuz we weren't planning on spending any extra on toys.

After finding our seats we relaxed and danced to the music, explained the game to the kids, and ate lots of snacks- cuz let's be honest, we pretty much go to sporting events for the fun, unhealthy food.  It feels good to "live on the wild side!"  The seats were so great we had a waitress who took our order and brought everything to us.  What is that?! Amazing!!

So then what happens? The mascot throws a handful of basketballs into the crowd, one of which lands right at the feet of Drew.  God, you are something else!!! He knew right away that Jesus had given him that basketball he wanted.

As if that wasn't enough, they start dropping pizza boxes from the air with parachutes.  We didn't catch one, but some kids behind us did, we turned to congratulate them.  The kids looked right at us
and said "Hey, we don't want this, would you like it?" What kids don't want free pizza?! What is going on here tonight?!  We of course accepted and we were off to get our free snack.

It was a GREAT, unexpected, way cool night, on the Almighty.  We were so thankful, and I always love God stories like that.  I would love to hear yours!

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