Sunday, September 15, 2013

A Wonderful Weekend!

This past weekend we got a chance to head "up north" to our family cabin.  As soon as we arrived Drew ran to the newly constructed sand box and was in heaven!  

On the way up we found a you-pick berry farm and got to pick raspberries as a family...during which Drew exclaimed "This is the BEST day ever!" Well that was enough for me, so cute seeing your children enjoying life!

During our stay at the cabin we baked pies every night, cozied up in front of the fire, checked out really cool machines at local limestone quarries, had fun at our favorite cider mill (including apple launching!), I finished up a book and read another one I found at the "cabin library" & enjoyed watching the kids play in the sandbox, throw rocks in the lake & help daddy drive the family boat. 

 I was unwired (my cell phone died & had no charger) and I'm not gonna lie ... it was great!  It sure is nice to unplug from social media and really be present with who you are with!  Anyways here is a few more pics & I encourage you to take a little time & go unwired & just be with your family & friends, distraction free, it's refreshing!

First successful raspberry pie from our berry picking, so amazing!!!

I finally finished Cast of Characters & read Heaven is for real in one evening! See you get lots of reading in when Internet is not an option!

First apple pie of the season!! I can't take credit though.  My husband made it, did you know he took culinary arts?! He has skills!  The best moment was when Andrew was busy in the kitchen preparing the pie. His best buddy, whom he does "manly stuff with", you know like lifting weights, calls (phone on speaker phone) "Hey buddy, what you doing?" My husband pauses, looks at me, and has a moment where he is deciding if he wants to out himself.  I just laughed and he spills the beans..."Well I'm making an apple pie." His friend "What?!"  Haha it was great!

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  1. Hahaha! I can just see and hear Andy saying that! Too funny. :) Glad you had fun at the cabin!


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