Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Reading List 2013

I saw this post over at Intentional By Grace and I thought, I love that idea, so here goes:

I don't read a ton, when I get a book I take my time and read through it slowly...so if you lend me a book, I make no promises of returning it any time soon....beware :)  I am a huge fan of just reading the WORD, I don't have time to read a whole lot more, because that is my priority and some days are so full I feel like I can hardly get that in.  But, occasionally I like to read books that pertain to particular subjects that interest me, and of course I like to read other people's opinions of the WORD.

So here is what I am planning to read this year, notice I said PLANNING, I will write around this time next year and let you know how I did, and what I recommend: