Thursday, November 15, 2012

Confess the Supply, Not the Lack

In life we battle.  Every day we face something.  It can be a relationship, other people's opinions, an incurable disease, finances, depression, worry, weight, pain, anxiety, sorrow, the list goes on and on..........
It is very easy to dwell on the problem, but have you noticed when you are focused on the issue, it doesn't change it?  Perhaps it is time to switch our focus from the problem to the solution.

I had a revelation of the power of this truth about this time last year.  Our vehicle had been acting up, we had just taken it in to the shop and the repair left us with $14.00 in our bank account (and no savings!)   I got in my car that afternoon and the problem had resurfaced.  I could not believe it!  The next day was mom's group, I asked a friend if I could ride with her, she was unable to drive me.  I had no money for gas, we had no groceries, so I was hungry (which makes everything worse).  So here I was eating sauteed frozen corn for snack, because that is all we had.  I was discouraged, I felt like no one cared, that we were broke, with no hope, and we would have to scrape some food together for breakfast and dinner till we got paid (hopefully there was more corn!)  I let this discouraging talk go on for quite a while.

Finally, I shot a text to my friend, because I did not want to talk to anyone in the condition I was in.  "Could you pray for me?  I am struggling."  Of course she called me right away, listened to my despair and instead of letting me wallow in self pity, she offered me the answer that I needed to hear.  "Well, what does the word say?  My God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus (Philippians 4:19)."  After more encouragement and a time of prayer, I got off the phone, and I had a choice to make.  Was I going to look at my situation, live in hopelessness and just believe that there was nothing that could be done, or was I going to choose to believe God, and what his word said?  Now I couldn't see that He was supplying my needs, but that is what faith is all about, believing even when you don't see.  I could worry and be anxious and play out all the "what if....." situations, or I could trust that God was in control.

I finally chose God, and believed His word, I confessed the supply instead of the lack.  I remember I said "God, I trust that you will provide for us, because that is what you say in your word.  So I am not going to worry any more."  Can I tell you the weight that fell off of me?!  Before I had decided to believe God I was grumpy, not being real nice to my kids, anxious and kinda depressed, but after I was running around the back yard laughing, enjoying my family and truly, I felt free.

No joke, my husband called me 5 minutes later, "Hey, you are never gonna guess what just happened!  I just got payed a day early!" Praise GOD!!  He has NEVER been paid early, before that day or after!  AMEN?! I was so thankful!! Oh, and the problem with our car went away miraculously, we did not have to even take it back in.  I like this believing God business!!

So I learned an important lesson that day.  The relief from the battle doesn't come when I focus on the problem and talk about the issue to everyone, the solution comes when I focus on the one who is the answer, and what His word promises.  If you are hurt, He is the healer.  If you are anxious, He is your peace.  If you are scared, He is your defender.  If you have lack, He is the supplier.  A guest preacher at our church recently said "Who Jesus is, is the perfect match for what we need."  -Dr. Benjamin Baker.

So I encourage you today to put your trust in Him.  God is waiting for people to just believe Him, believe what He promises in His word.  Whatever battle you are in, find a verse to confess that combats it and say it out  loud, over and over. The power of the spoken word is powerful!  Have faith in God and watch Him do a miracle.  To the faithful, He shows himself faithful....Psalm 18:25

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