Saturday, September 15, 2012

Jeeps are sweet!

We have been praying about getting a new vehicle.  Andrew wants a sweet ride and I am for whatever....I don't really mind anything, but  I have always wanted a white Jeep Wrangler, ever since I saw Clueless, of course. On a whim we decided to look for a vehicle today, car shopping!!!  I told Andrew my ideal jeep would be white 4x4, black leather interior, 4 door.  Apparently that is everyone elses' Jeep fantasy too, since there were none at any dealership we went to.  We are praying and waiting, sometimes what we want isn't always what God has planned for us.  Sometimes he uses our desires in an unexpected way.

After church tonight we were walking to our van and parked directly beside it was a stunning 4 door, white Jeep 4x4, and the couple who owned it was getting in.  We didn't know them, so Andrew introduced himself and of course asked all about Jeeps.  I introduced myself and talked with his wife to get a woman's opinion.  Turns out they have been going to our church for years, but she had never met anyone, like no one.  I was shocked, and challenged.  It reminded me of how I need to always be on the look out for people who may not know anyone.  I totally enjoy coming and seeing my friends, but what about those people who don't have friends yet?   I was so thankful God had them park right beside us, and  had them driving the exact car (down to the black leather seats!!) that we had been on a hunt for earlier that day.

God has a big plan, and if we are willing to be used of Him, we can "Change someone's world", like our pastor preached on tonight.  Today I was challenged to not focus on myself, but to be alert and look for opportunities to spread the love of Jesus, to be a friend, to reach out to the lonely, to step out of my comfort zone.  We thought we were on the hunt for a new car today, but God used that to bring people together, I love how creative He is, only God!!!  Jeeps are sweet, but what is even sweeter is that I have a new friend, Tiffany that God had pre-planned for me to meet.  Every day is an adventure, that I never want to miss!!!

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