Monday, September 10, 2012

First Day of Preschool

Well today was the big day!  Drew started preschool.  He technically could start kindergarten this year, but we felt waiting one more year is what God wants us to do for him.  He could not wait to get there!  All weekend, all morning, "Is it time to go yet?!"  "Can we go now?"  "I will be waiting in the car"  1 1/2 hours before we had to leave!!  I finally had to set the timer!  You would think it was Christmas!  I was glad he was so excited!

We walked in the doors, he took off running and said, "Ok, bye mom!"  Hahaha!  I see how it is.  I did catch up and give him a hug and kiss (not sure how long he will let me do that- got to get them in while I can!!).  Glad there was no separation anxiety! The only one that was crying was Emma, she wanted to stay too, lol.  He had a great time, made a new friend and wants to go back in the is only Monday, Wednesday, Friday though.  Here are a few pics!  You know I had to document :)

It was super hard to get this classic "by the door first day of school photo" of my boy.  He was dancing all over the place!  LOL

Emma had to get in on this picture taking business.

Showing me the bag he painted, and Emma pretending she had done one too :)

Fun day!  Start of something new :)  Growing up, Ahhhhhh!!!

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