Sunday, June 17, 2012


Happy Fathers day!!!!  I wanted to share a story I wrote about the wonderful daddy in our home on Friday night :)


Right now, at this moment, I am so proud of my husband.  This evening was a trying time with our four year old son, I wouldn't exactly call him strong willed, but he likes the adventure of disobeying, hahaha!  My husband had a headache and was having a hard time connecting with Drew, especially since he was constantly in trouble.  Why does breaking the rules seem so fun?!  

After the kids were asleep, we had a conversation, you know at like 7:15, because that is how we roll over here, Ok it was more like 8. My husband and I talked about the importance of keeping the strings of our hearts, connected with our kids' hearts.  Even though they mess up, they need to know that we still love them, and they could never do anything to interrupt that love of ours for them.  We are starting to recognize the enemy is hard at work in all of our families.  He wants our kids to disobey and he wants us to get frustrated.  He comes to kill, steal and destroy John 10:10.  God has brought to light that the devil is trying to steal this time with our kids from us, by lying to us and saying we don't enjoy them.  When really we do!  We just don't enjoy the disobedience.  I truly cherish my children, because they are just that, my children, a blessing from the Lord.  Psalm 127:3-5.  God's word is always true, so when moments of frustration and discouragement come, we need to declare the truth about our children.

All that to say, I am so proud right now!  My husband went and woke up my son out of a dead sleep around 8:30 and took him out for ice cream with daddy!!  He showered him with praise and blessing, and encouragement.  When they returned we sat together on the back patio savoring ice cream cones and just enjoyed our son for who he is.  They are currently riding around the yard on the lawn mower (Drew's most favorite thing in the world) cutting the grass, and waiting for lightening bugs to make their appearance.  I am so proud of my hubby right now, that he listened to God and saw an opportunity to show grace, undeserved favor.  That he is pursuing my son, and even though he messed up a lot tonight, he is showering him with his love.  I am so thankful!

Just ran out and snapped a photo to capture the moment, and Drew announced the arrival of the fireflies!  What a great night!  So thankful my kids have a great Father!


  1. :)
    Love that story!!

  2. Great bonding time for Andy and Drew. :)


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