Monday, May 14, 2012

It just so "happened"

I got a call from my younger brother, Steve, a few weeks ago and he reminded me of a story I had told him, and I wanted to share the memory with you.

My brother retold of how his pastor shared a sermon on Ruth and kept quoting the verse "So she {Ruth} set out and went and gleaned in the field after the reapers, and she happened to come to the part of the field belonging to Boaz, who was of the clan of Elimelech." Ruth 2:3  Steve told me every time he heard the pastor say "And it just so happened.." that he laughed thinking of the cool blessing from God I had received and that there really isn't any such thing as "It just so happened".  Which by the way if you don't know the story of Ruth, she and Boaz (who she just "happened" to run into in the field that day) married and became the great-grandparents to King David and are in the lineage of Jesus.  No coincidence there!

On to my story:  On my birthday back in January I was unbelievably blessed!  I remember telling people this was the best birthday ever, and truly meaning it.  I got to spend it with family, friends and received so many unexpected surprises from God himself.  So thankful!  It was a Wednesday and I had moms group that morning at my church, which was fabulous, as always!  I got home, had the kids down for naps and had a little down time.  I remember scrolling through facebook and noticing I had a friend, Janelle who shared my same birthday!  Of course I had to write a well wish on her page.  Right above where I was about to post I noticed a picture on her page.  A dear friend of hers had sent an "Edible Arrangement" and she had posted a photo thanking her.  I thought "What a great idea, and such a sweet friend!  That is a unique gift to send to somebody and you get to eat all the yummies!  That would be fun to get!"  I sent my wishes and just went about my quiet time.  I am telling you, not even 5 minutes later a truck pulls in my driveway.  At first I think "Oh they are just turning around", they do that a lot in my driveway.  Then it dawns on me, "Well, it is my birthday, I guess I could be getting something?"

I eagerly ran to look out the window, and "it just so happened" it was an edible arrangements truck!  The delivery guy brought the delicious fruit bouquet to my door and I excitedly accepted it.  I was so filled with joy!!  All I remember saying is "God, you are soooooo timely!"  Only he could have worked that out!  It was from my parents and siblings!  What a wonderful surprise!  After calling them to offer so many thanks and share my story, it got a little better!  My mom told me "It's funny it was supposed to be delivered around 10 that morning."  I was even more thrilled!  God waited till I saw someone else receive that gift on facebook (which I have NEVER seen someone post an Edible Arrangement photo on FB-of all days to see it!) and after thinking how great that would be to get, he has it delivered 5 minutes later to show how amazing He is.  I love that He spoke that to my mom's heart and she got to be a part of the story.  And I love that it impacted my brother enough to etch a truth about God into His mind that there is no such thing as "it just so happened".

God is in time, on time, every time!  “It is beautiful how God has done everything at the right time.” Ecc 3:11a

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