Thursday, April 5, 2012

Bargain Refrigerator!

My husband and I have been praying for a stainless steel, side by side refrigerator for months.  We looked at our budget and decided we could spend $500.00, so we began praying for God to provide and we waited.  We have not even seen one for that cheap on Craigslist that met all our standards, but we figured God can do all things and if we are supposed to get one for 500, He will make a way, and if not, we'll have a peace about a spending a different amount.

 This past weekend we were looking at Lowes and Home Depot and on the verge of just buying one at full price.  My husband felt the Holy Spirit say "Just wait." and Andrew looked at me and said "I am just not feeling a peace about spending this kind of money, plus we have been asking and believing God could provide us a fridge for 500.00, lets wait."  We have been finding that when we are restless or having a check on the inside that something isn't right, that God is trying to get our attention and to listen.  So we have been waiting for His peace before we move (most of the time!!)  "You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace" Isaiah 55:12a.  

A few hours after we decided to wait for God 2 refrigerators surfaced on Craigslist, one was 600 (20 mins away) and one was 495 (1 hour away).  We were so excited!  We hadn't even seen any in our price range, that were in good condition, and now there were 2!!  We called immediately and headed to the closest one.  The family said it got scratched in their move, after examinging it Andrew was convinced the "scratches" were really smudges from paint and could be wiped off.  We offered 500, she began to debate with Andrew on the price and I walked away and started to pray.  He came to the truck a minute later and said, "We got it for 500!!!"  Thank you LORD that was ALL YOU!!!

We got it home, wiped off the smudges and sure enough it was not scratched!  We looked up our model online, it still sells in the store for $2000!!!  Thanking thanking thanking Him for his favor!  So when you have a need, pray about it and be ready to find it an unlikely place.  I pray before I garage sale, go to the "sal" (Salvation Army), check on craigslist and the paper.  It is neat seeing all the different ways God provides!!


  1. That's amazing!!! He certainly cares about the desires of our hearts!


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