Sunday, March 20, 2011

Toddlers CAN Learn Verses

Recently I have felt God put on my heart to start consistently teaching my children about his word.  I know they are learning in their little classes at church a few times a month, but what use is that if I am not backing it up and living it out at home (where they spend 95% of their lives right now).  I am reading a wonderful book right now, the Ministry of Motherhood ( I recommend every mother read it, very challenging and inspiring.  It encourages us to look at our role of being a mom as a full-time ministry, one that we are called to do, to serve our family, as unto the Lord (Col 3:23).  The latest chapter I read was on teaching our children the truths of God's word.  One way I purposed to this in our family is by having Drew (who has an incredible memory) start memorizing verses and helping him to understand what they mean.  I am sharing this with you, so that you can check in on me and make sure I am working with him, and hopefully inspire other to do the same with their young kids.

I was watching a home video of my niece, she was 2 years old, and cute as can be, she started reciting her first verse, AT TWO!!!!  Way to go Heidi (my guest blogger on maple syrup)!! So I know it can be done, and why not start as early as they can talk, teaching them the truths of God?!

His first verse is 1 Thessalonians 5:16 Rejoice Always!  (Simple, and teaches a great principle)  I have been wanting to learn more scripture myself, now him and I can do it together.  I am looking forward to seeing God work in His little life & mine :)


  1. Funny thing amber.... Never read your blog till today when i saw "2week menu" i am so tired of waiting till joe gets home and asking hm what he wants for got soooo much going on in the next couple of i thought i would take a peek.... your blog!!! You have the heart of christ and i can see him in you..... Awesome! This entry i loved.... I just taught this verse to lillie and even though she has a hard time saying "thessalonians" she recited it several times. She is hungry for gods word lately and thru her god is teaching us!! Keep up the wonderful attittude, and godly ways!!

    Heidi young

  2. Heidi,

    Thanks for sharing those sweet words! It is definitely Christ living in me, that is the only way I can have this attitude, never me by myself. I am so glad to hear that you are teaching your little ones God's truth at such a young age, His word is living, and can impact them just as much as it does us. So AWESOME! Love getting to know you better!


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